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From the moment you enter our office, you will realize that we are a different kind of legal team. The basic principle under which we operate is to treat you how we would like to be treated, as if we were sitting on the other side of the desk. We have been there, lived that same experience and we are committed to helping you.

There are many Immigration Attorney’s in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex area, some speak Spanish, other immigrants, but Attorney Farnum is that and more. He knows exactly how it feels to be undocumented and left with no choice but to work under the identity of someone else. He knows how it feels to have a loved one face deportation.

  • We are committed to providing people with an honest legal service and a strong defense for their rights.
  • We have worked with clients around the world who want to win their immigration case against the government, obtain a permanent resident status, and reach citizenship.
  • You will have the experience of feeling that you have a skilled attorney in your corner who is ready and willing to fight for you.

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